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Dawn Tallman - Teardrops (Eric Kupper Extended Mix)
Dj Mibor - New Days
Umami - Sunny (Original Mix)
Jojo Effect - Stay Away From My Man
Denise Montana From Goody Goody - Number One Dj (Pagany Back To Disco Remix)
Telesfor - Twos (Busy Bees Boogie Mix By Slope)
Tina Turner - When The Heartache Is Over
Angelo Ferreri - Change My Skin (Original Mix)
Funk - We Can Do It
Richard Paris - Dream With My Sax
Randy Crawford - Wishing On A Star
Jamie Lewis Presents Michelle Weeks - Be Thankful
Aretha Franklin - You Keep Me Hangin' On (Terry Hunter Extended Remix)
Sigma Feat. Paloma Faith- Changing
1 timeless feat. daniela - turn back the time (original mix)
2 captain hollywood - only with you
3 gigi d'agostino - the riddle (original longer mix)
4 regina - you and me (mosso club mix)
5 l.m. vs lips - do you want me (extended version)
6 gloria estefan - don't let this moment end
7 the essential - goodbye
8 bamble b. - coming through the light
9 tj davis - wonderful life
10 shane - always on my mind (extended)
11 clueless - don't speak (extended non drop)
12 prezioso feat. marvin - let's talk about a man
13 martina - crazy for you
14 da - oh - i’m on my way
15 smallteens & tzigano - i believe in love
16 stefano secchi - a brighter day
17 mad'house - into the groove
18 feat taleesa - because the night
19 dragster & tomba - killing me softly full vocal
20 ace of base - beautiful life
21 axel force - it's my life
22 cher - believe (grips heartbroken)
23 sheila - can't fight the moonlight
24 noyze - stay with me
25 milk inc. - linvin' a lie (video mix)
01 Wasabi, Terry Lex, Derrick Feole - Drop Feat Derrick Feole (Original Mix)
02 Discotron - Gon' Dance To It (Original Mix)
03 Kojake, Bernard Formichelli Stephane Deschezeaux - Disco Elixir (Original Mix)
04 Televisor feat. Danyka Nadeau - Dangerous (Original Mix)
05 Surf & Mart - All I Wanna Do (Club Mix)
06 Christopher Cross,Joey Negro - Ride Like The Wind (Joey Negro Extended Disco Mix)
07 Nytron Sugar Hill - oooh (original mix)
08 Ben Delay Feat. Alexandra Prince -The Boy Is Mine (Alternative Mix)
09 Discotron - Bang Bang (Original Mix)
10 Frey, Waxy - Club Crusher (Original Mix)
11 Boogie Vice - Back To Back (Original Mix)
12 House Of Prayers - Treble (Diego Harispe Remix)
13 Babert - Think (About It) (Original Mix)
14 Nytron, Sugar Hill - power (Original Mix)
15 Milkwish feat. Pesos - Morning Party (Original Mix)
16 Discorocks & Naika -M oving On Up (Legendary Boy & Riva K Remix)
17 West.K feat. Cotry - Be My Lover (Liva K Remix)
18 Benny Royal & Dani Hageman - Tigereye (Original Mix)
19 Chris Montana - Porto Hustle (Ben Delay Remix)
20 Me & My Toothbrush - Get Down, JB! (Original Mix)
21 Nytron, Samuel Boogie, M0B, Bejamin Ayra - Holiday (Original Mix)
22 Lonely Boy - Future Regret (Original Mix)
23 Saint Tropez Caps - Front to the Back (Original Mix)
24 Me & My Toothbrush - Fort Arkansas Living for the Moment (Croatia Squad Remix)
25 Scotty Boy - Get Loose (Original Mix)
26 Natema & Saccao - Run Away (Original Mix)
27 JL & Afterman - Black Betty (Remix 2016)
28 Toly Braun - Last Thing I Do (Original Mix)
29 Wasabi & Luthier & Nytron - Rule The World (Original Mix)
30 Vision Factory & Cooltimes - Keep It Goin (Original Mix)
31 Platinum Doug - Californian Knight (Original Mix)

1. The Break Is a Delight (Original Mix) / Re-Tide
2. Work For This [feat. Jodie Topp] (Luca Debonaire Mix) /...
3. Give Me Joy (Me & My Toothbrush Remix) / Passenger 10
4. Last Night a DJ Saved My Life (Original Mix) / Giacca &...
5. Horny (Les Loups Mix) / Mousse T.
6. MacArthur Park (Dj Spen & Thommy Davis New Disco...
7. Owe You (Original Mix) / Giacca & Flores
8. Teardrops (Original Mix) / Kovary
9. Maniac feat. Casey (Kovary Remix) / Icy Sasaki, Andrey...
10. Slicker Than Your Average (Original Mix) / Discotron
11. How Shall I Rise (Club Mix) / Kovary
12. You Lied To Me (Moe Turk Remix) / Anton Ishutin, Antur...
13. Holy Ghost! (Bruno Be & Re Dupre Remix) / Sharam Jey...
14. Rolling Clone (Advanced Bongo Mix) / Format:B
15. Get Down & Boogie (Original) / Adri Block, Chris Marina
16. New Monday (Original Mix) / Giacca & Flores
17. Somebody Dance with Me (Original Mix) / C-Ro, Lika M...
18. Man Gone (Original Mix) / Weiss (UK)
19. Drive You Home feat. The Donnies The Amys (Original...
20. Finally (Mart Remix) / Jerome Robins
21. 2 up in the Morning (Original Mix) / Croatia Squad, Me...
22. One Time (Main Mix) / Audiowhores
01.-Passion Pit, Madeon - Pay No Mind (Lemaitre Remix)
02.-Le Visiteur - Let The Sunshine (Original Mix)
03.-Andrey Exx, Fomichev - Be Good (Original Mix)
04.-Nora En Pure - Saltwater (2015 Rework)
05.-Saccao, Nytron, Diva Vocal - There Was A Time (Original Mix)
06.-Thee Cool Cats, Lika Morgan - Thee Worst (Club Mix)
07.-Lika Morgan - Hit Me (Original Mix)
08.-Platinum Doug - Play with Me (Original Mix)
09.-Thee Cool Cats - Don't Kill My Vibe (Vintage Culture Remix)
10.-Cosmo Klein, YNOT - When Doves Cry (Original Mix)
11.-DiscoVer. - Empty Streets (Original Mix)
12.-Lost Frequencies, Janieck Devy - Reality feat. Janieck Devy (Extended Mix)
13.-James Yuill, Jackson (UK) - Love Love Love (Zwette Club Mix)
14.-Misha Klein - Feel So Good (feat. Vika Grand) feat. Vika Grand (No Hopes & Heart Saver Remix)
15.-Mossy, Thomas Scheffler - Wonderful Life (Vocal Mix)
16.-Marc Evans - Beneath The Crescent Moon (Original Mix)
17.-Rescue - Here And Now (Original Mix)
18.-Freejak, Mr. Belt & Wezol - Somebody To Love (Original Mix)
19.-Stereo Express - Sweet Dreams (Original Mix)
20.-Spada, Elen Levon - Cool Enough (Extended Mix)
21.-Roger Sanchez - Lost (Roger's 12 Mix)
01.-aashton - Do What You Want (Original Mix)
02.-Me & My Toothbrush - All Mine (Original Mix)
03.-Rayko - The Jam (Original Mix)
04.-Sharam Jey, Tapesh - Over Me (The Beatangers & Boogie Vice Remix)
05.-Frey - Ridin' Higher (Original Mix)
06.-Giacca & Flores - Delight (Original Mix)
07.-Max Olsen, Alexey Sharapoff - I Will Survive Feat. Jenna Summer (Original Mix)
08.-Mirco Berti - Rainy Day (Original Mix)
09.-Music P, Marque Aurel - On The Sun (Extended Mix)
10.-Natema, Enzo Gomes, Jeremy Goddard - BMW Feat. Jeremy Goddard (Original Mix)
11.-Tom Tyler, Twenty Feet Down - All I See Is You feat. Tom Tyler (Original Mix)
12.-Janne Schra - Carry On (Mason Remix)
13.-OMR, Adry - Toms (Original Mix)
14.-Sugarstarr, Alexander (IT) - Hey Sunshine feat. Alexander (Croatia Squad Remix)
15.-Rüfüs - You Were Right (DJ Edit)
16.-Saint Tropez Caps - No Fears (Original Mix)
17.-Music P, Marque Aurel - The Feel Good Funk (Original Mix)
18.-Ben DJ - 7 Seconds (Original Mix)
19.-Michael Calfan - Mercy (Original Mix)
20.-Shane D, Fabricio Rosset, Manyus - Caribbean Queen (Shane D Remix)
21.-David Morales, Janice Robinson - There Must Be Love (Disco Juice Mix)
22.-Muzikjunki - Breaking Rocks (Original Mix)
23.-Bellini - Samba De Janeiro (Luca Debonaire Club Mix)
01. Consoul Trainin - Roses (Liva K Remix)
02. Bondye - Feel Alright (Original Mix)
02. Babert - Fresh
04. Prefunk - Get Down (Club Mix)
05. Aretha Franklin - You Keep Me Hangin' On (Terry Hunter Extended Remix)
06. Rick Marshall - Feel 4 U (Original Mix)
07. Croatia Squad - Back to Life (Original Mix)
08. Dayne S - My Soul (Original Mix)
09. Startraxx - I Feel Nu Luv (Original Mix)
10. Mark Lower, Scarlett Quinn - Like A Prayer Feat. Scarlett Quinn (Original Mix)
11. Saccao, Antonio Santana, Heavy Pins - Can U (Original Mix)
12. Ahmet Kilic - Endless Summer (Eyup Celik Remix)
13. Sam Feldt -Show Me Love (EDX's Indian Summer Remix)
14. Phunk Investigation - Extasy (Cristian Poow Remix)
15. Joe Stone - The Party (This Is How We Do It) ft. Montell Jordan (Original Mix)
16. Danny Darko, Julien Kelland - Hurricane (Deep Brother & Danny Darko Remix)
17. DiscoVer. - Lost in Music (Mart Remix)
18. Franco De Mulero, Alex Laviano - Bring Me Joy (feat. Latanza Waters) (Giom Remix)
19. Markus Honner - Deeper Love (Original Mix)
20. Mart - Heart of Glass feat. Casey (Mart 2015 Edit)
21. Natema - It's All Right (Original Mix)
22. WD2N - Sultan of Swing (Vijay & Sofia Zlatko Remix)
23. Boris Roodbwoy, Andrew Rai - Don't Believe The Hype (Original Mix)
24. DJ Dimi, Will Diamond - Stand by Me
25. Giom - Night Run (Original Mix)
26. Guru Da Beat, Jay Smith, Milad Shokri - I Will Follow (Feat. Dan Wa) (Twenty Feet Down Remix)
27. Heiken, Base On - Stay (Original Mix)
28. Mason - Nite Rite Five (Original Mix)
29. JL & AFTERMAN, JL, Afterman - Losing My Religion (Original Mix)
1. Cocaine Blues (Extended) / Escort
2. Whatcha Gonna Do Featuring Mustafa Akbar (Original Mix...
3. Bizarre Love (Original Mix) / Dr Packer
4. Do U Wanna Get Down (Original Mix) / Late Nite Tuff Guy
5. Doin Their Own Thang (Original Mix) / Discotron
6. Ain't Nobody (Loves Me Better) (Extended Mix) / Felix Jae...
7. I Like It (Original Mix) / Jack Le Funk
8. How Many Times (Kennys Disco Death Mix) / Mike Domini...
9. Get So High (Original Mix) / Sante Cruze
10. Black Wood / Chaka Kenn, Tom Gianelli
11. Sunshine Boogie (Original Rollerskater's Anthem) / Kenny...
12. All Night (Stomp!) (Dub Mix) / Joi Resh
13. Brown Sugar (Croatia Squad Remix) / Platinum Doug
14. Here I Am (Original Mix) / Jarred Gallo
15. How Do I Let Go (DJ Able & Matt Bandy Remix) / Dennis...
16. Baby Stay (Maxim Kurtys Remix) / L.O.O.P, Liva K
17. Stay (Remastered) / Discey
18. Sweet Home Alabama (Original Mix) / DiscoVer.
19. Here Comes The Rain (Zerb Remix) / Andrey Exx, Diva Vo...
20. Relax (Don't Do It) (Original Mix) / Lika Morgan
21. 50'000 Watts (Original Mix) / City Soul Project
22. Body To Body (Kenny Summit's New England Clam Chow...
23. Just an Illusion (John Morales M + M Main Mix) / Imaginat...
01-Cameo Culture - Told You So (Original Mix)
02-Bo Geste - Back Around (Mutron Remix)
03-Mozambo, Basic Tape - Bright Side feat. Julia Church (Original Mix)
04-Kraak & Smaak, Keyhole - All I Want Is You (Original Mix)
05-Magnum Force - Cool Out (Dr Packer Mix)
06-Malikk - Back for More (Original Mix)
07-Martello Bros. - Sputnik (Disco Volante Mix)
08-Gabriel & Castellon - Es Vedra (Touch & Go Remix)
09-Jarquin & Cano - Feel So Good (Original Mix)
10-Me & My Toothbrush - One Thing (Nora en Pure Remix)
11-Andrey Exx, Troitski - Everybody's Free feat. Diva Vocal (To Feel Good)
12-Mason - Papapapa (Original Mix)
13-Thee Cool Cats - Poppin Pussy (Original Mix)
14-Charli Xcx, Rita Ora - Doing It feat. Rita Ora (Siege Remix)
15-UMEK, Jameisha Trice - Live The Life feat. Jameisha Trice (Original Mix)
16-KANT - WIDESPREAD (Original Mix)
17-Luca Morris - Play by Play (Riva Starr Edit)
18-Rachel, Dawork - Follow My Rules (P. Bardelli & Jl 2k15 Remix)
19-DJ Mes, Rescue - Now Ya Know (Original Mix)
20-Groove Phenomenon, Absolut Gr... - Oye Como Va (Original Mix)
21-Shades of Grey - Love Me Like You Do (Red D3vils Remix)
22-Galantis - Peanut Butter Jelly (Extended Mix)
23-King Kobra - Rhythm Of The Night (Supa Nani Remix)
24-Mark Ronson, Bruno Mars - Uptown Funk (Will Sparks Remix)

01-Frey - Someone To Count On (Original Mix)
02-Jerome Robins, Vlada Asanin - Ride (Original Mix)
03-Terry Hunter, Ron Carroll - Girl I Love You (Terry Hunter's Main Mix)
04-Frank Caro, Alemany The Axeman Feat. SaxAttack (Original Mix)
05-Sharam Jey - Yes Yes Ya'll (Original Mix)
06-Claptone - The Music Got Me (Original Mix)
07-DiscoVer. - Vogue (Original Mix)
08-Hoxton Whores, Kid Massive - Stand Up Miami (Kid Massive Remix)
09-Mr. Belt & Wezol - Finally (Original Mix)
10-CamelPhat, A*M*E - Paradigm (Amtrac's Temptation Mix)
11-Inaya Day, Deep Criminal - Ride Or Die (Original Mix)
12-Deepjack, Mr.Nu, Veselina Popova - Crush feat. Veselina Popova (Liva K & Maxim Kurtys Remix)
13-Kraak & Smaak - Squeeze Me (Lack Of Afro Remix)
14-Samuele Sartini, Peyton - Bad Habits (Original Mix)
15-Molly, Zwette - Rush feat. Molly (Extended Mix)
16-Nick Corline House Work -
17-Deepjack, Mr.Nu - Gotta Tell You (Original Mix)
18-Gorgon City, Katy Menditta - Imagination (Weiss Remix)
19-Lewis, Roter - Jiggy (Original Mix)
20-L.O.O.P, Laserjakk - Dontcha (Original Mix)
21-Simone Vitullo, Do Santos, Who Else - Back To The Roots (Original Mix)
22-Nytron - BLOW (Original Mix)
23-Tape Five - Geraldines Routine (Spin Around Radio Mix)
24-Klingande, Broken Back - RIVA (Restart The Game) feat. Broken Back (Original Mix)
25-Bougenvilla, Jared Hiwat - Homeless feat. Jared Hiwat (Original Mix)
26-Roisin Murphy - Jealousy (Disco Mix)

01- No Lips (Original Mix) - Purple Disco Machine
02- Get Wet (Original Mix) - Phill & Dansmore
03- Cracks feat. Cari Golden (Original Mix) - Cari Golden, Simone Vitullo
04- Just Me (Main Mix) - Fil Rouge
05- A House Thing feat. Roland Clark (Micky More & Andy Tee Deep Mix) - Paggi & Costanzi
06- The End (Original Mix) - Roberto De Haro
07- Woman Of The Ghetto (Original Mix) - Marlena Shaw, Stefano Noferini
08- Gone Tomorrow (Me & My Toothbrush Remix) - Lika Morgan
09- 100% House Music feat. Marshall Jefferson (Original Mix) - House Of Virus, Marshall Jefferson
10- Broken (Original Mix) - Playless
11- Can't Stop Playing (Oliver Heldens & Gregor Salto Remix) - Dr. Kucho!, Gregor Salto
12- Sweet Dreams (Original Mix) - Lika Morgan
13- Ouch (Original Mix) - Ricky Castelli
14- Los NiГ±os Del Coro (Dario NuГ±ez Remix) - Javi Colina, Quoxx, asier barburu
15- Raise Your Hands (Original Mix) - Damier Soul, Robert Feelgood
16- Kiss All The Bullies Goodbye feat. Taylor Dayne (Tracy Young Club Mix) - Sir Ivan, Taylor Dayne
17- Be (The Cube Guys Mix) - Marco Santoro
18- Make 'em Move (Original Mix) - Rescue
19- See Line Woman (Original Mix) - Alaia & Gallo, Grace Ashaye
20- Get The Party Started (Original Mix) - Gui Boratto
21- It's Party Time (Samuele Sartini Mix) - Mr. V, Paggi & Costanzi
22- Black Betty (Original Mix) - JL & Afterman
23- Feel The Sky (Original Mix) - K1T
24- Sing It Back (Original Mix) - Leandro Da Silva
25- The Funk Phenomena (Starkillers Mix) - Armand Van Helden

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